Our cruisers are equipped with Radar units that can track vehicles in front of the cruiser or behind the cruiser due to the dual radar antennas. Our radar units are state certified once a year for accuracy by a state certified technician. Officers of the Logan Police who use the radar units are certified in speed measuring devices before they are permitted to write tickets for speed infractions.
We have three laser speed measuring devices that officers can take out with them while they are on patrol. All Logan Officers are certified on these units also. One of the laser units is used by the bike patrol due to its small size and that it can be placed in the bike pack on the patrol bike.

We have two window tint meters to check for window tint violations. As of today the legal limit for window tint is 50%. Please be aware that a factory tint on a window is already close to 20% so you should only think about putting on 30% if you want to be legal. Cars that have the mirrored window tint are illegal so just be aware.


Each car also has a lock jock for unlocking vehicles. We do unlocks for people who have locked their keys in their car but we will not open any vehicle that has power locks.

We have two portable alcohol testing machines and one permanent mounted B.A.C. machine. We follow State Laws on the upkeep and testing of the machine. All Logan Officers who use the B.A.C. machine are state certified and required to take a proficiency exam with the State of Ohio each year.

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