The Logan Police Department will be hosting an Internet Safety Program for parents of school-aged children. Statistics show that children are on line browsing the web as early as kindergarten and chatting with strangers as early as the fourth grade. One in four children surveyed ages 10 to 17 have had unwanted exposure to sexually explicit pictures. One in five have been solicited or approached by a predator. We need to educate our children on the dangers of Internet use.

Ptl. Jason Gadrim, the department’s computer forensic officer, is the course presenter. He will cover Internet crimes directed at children and share a few stories from actual victims. He will also explain other concepts and safeguards parents can put into place in their own homes. This program will also cover tactics used by these predators to attract your child and explain why they are successful.


Please submit your name and email address on the form below. This will allow us to have a good count of people wanting to attend. You may use the form below as your registration for the class.

There is no set date as to when this class will be held but we will send you an email once we have have enough people interested in taking the class. Once we have 15 people signed up we will come up with a date and time and get back with you.

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