School Resource Officers are placed in the Logan Schools to provide a safer environment for our children to enjoy.

Ptl. R. Fitzgerald
Ptl. C. Smith
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School Resource Officer Mission / Duties


Ptl. Fitzgerald - High School

Ptl. Smith - Middle School

These officers actually have offices in their respective schools and spend their duty day at the school.

Law Enforcement at Schools - SRO’s do investigations, make arrests and provide constant security through foot patrol inside the school and around the surrounding area. The SRO serves as a liaison between the school, the police department, and the community. He creates an atmosphere of safety for students, teachers, and an administration that promotes the education process.

Teaching - SRO’s get into the classroom and teach law related subjects whenever possible. Examples might include teaching about drug and alcohol abuse in a Health Class or teaching about the law in a Government Class although there are numerous other examples.

Mentorship - SRO's serve as mentors and role models for youth. By being placed in the school environment the SRO has numerous opportunities to interact with juveniles and to make a positive impression on them. By earning their trust students are more comfortable talking to the SRO about problems they may be experiencing or just asking for advice.


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